Leverage the awesome power of Marketing Automation to drive Sales, Support, Customer Service to the next level
​​​​​​​Imagine being able to keep in touch with all your leads, clients, and market your products and services to people automatically, day or night!
Business and Marketing Automation can generate leads, engage with those leads, share information and build a relationship.

It can make a sale or an appointment, chase missing payments, invite them to an event, and let your sales people know when a prospect is ready to talk.

The possibilities are almost endless, mindboggling and may or may not suit your business.

That’s where we come in.

​​​​​​​Marketing Mixology is a “Ninja” Team of marketing and technical professionals who consult, design, and build and implement automated marketing solutions for your business.
“The people who don’t think they need automation today are the same people who didn’t think they needed a website in 2005”
Customer Service
Interact, Educate, and Build relationships over time
Generate Leads, follow up and Sales 24/7
Connect your leads to your sales team to create the best outcome
Digital Marketing
Use the Right Online and Social Media and connect it to reputation building automated strategies
Dynamically Create Tasks for your staff based on customer interaction
Automation Feasibility
Fixed Price Exploration of your Business and the perfect Automation 
Connect your existing business to powerful automation systems and engage with leads, clients, staff and greater sales
Tracking and
Follow the flow of every lead and customer
Super Team
Our Expert Team brings together decades or experience in digital marketing, sales, and automation from diverse markets and strategies
FREE 30 Minute Exploration Call
Let’s talk about you, your business, your plans, goals and expectations.

Is marketing automation the golden chalice if reaching those goals or inappropriate distraction. Let’s explore your business with our 10 Simple Questions Survey and talk about it.

It could change the dynamic of your business forever, or you could come out of the call with a greater understanding of marketing automation.

​​​​​​​There are no bad outcomes here….
“I’ve worked with Jamie and his team on lots of projects over the last 14 years and his mixture or technical, marketing, and general business know-how and perspective has been instrumental in making some projects fly when they otherwise would have probably failed!”
Prashant Patel Owner, Daddy Marketing
Fixed Price Analysis and Automation Blueprints
Is automation right for my business?

What are the best strategies to use?

What sort of ROI should I expect?

How much will it cost?

​​​​​​​Get the Answer to ALL your questions by engaging our Marketing Mixology Team to analyse your business and develop an Automation Strategy for a Fixed Up-front Price.
Get your Fixed Price BluePrints
SE Asia’s Leading Ontraport Consultants
Marketing Mixology is proud to be the SE Asia’s leading Consultants in the Ontraport Marketing Automation Platform.

​​​​​​​It’s wealth of features, integrations, and toolbox functionality make it our weapon of choice in most of our Automation Rollouts.
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Our Expert Team brings together decades or experience in digital marketing, sales, and automation from diverse markets and strategies
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